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For years I have researched the gut brain connection as it relates to optimal health and illness.  Pouring over the data of scientific studies has revealed a blatant blind spot in the medical community. We tell patients to 'Diet and Exercise' for optimizing health, but what if there is another factor? What if the malfunction of our gut limits the efficacy of this approach? Would that explain why so many people still struggle with weight loss, anxiety and depression even when they follow the advisement of their doctors, take the pharmaceuticals, go to the gym and exercise regularly?

After years of searching for a solution to this problem, I have found some answers in a whole food plan, and this passionate, focused nutrition company. Their products are fixed on repairing the gut brain connection.


Their products improves a variety of issues including: bloating, digestive issues, lack of energy, depression, anxiety, and a poor immune system. (Did you know 60-90% of your neurotransmitters (like the feel-good one, serotonin) are produced in the gut!?) For more information, schedule a virtual or in person one on one consultation with me. I will craft a daily regiment based on your personal needs. 

-Karli Plunkett PA-C, MMS, LME

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